Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Blogger Hop - August 23rd to 29th

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  There's a new prompt each week to encourage bloggers to meet new bloggers, learn about new books, and gain followers for their own blogs.

This week's prompt:  Book blogging is more than just reading.  Who helped you set up or run your blog?  Or did you do it all yourself?

I've done everything with my blog by myself.  Before starting this blog, I'd had a little experience with online journaling, thanks to my silly high school Livejournal account.  And I had a little background in html because my friends and I used to have our own Lord of the Rings fansites on angelfire back in 2001-2002 (and they still exist apparently; feel free to visit mine and see what a fangirl I was).

But even if I hadn't used Livejournal or known html, I still would have been fine setting up my blog because Blogger's formatting is so easy.  Maybe if I'd started on Wordpress or hosted my own blog, I would have asked for help.  But since Blogger is so easy to use, I've done everything on my own.


  1. I was on Livejournal in high school too. So glad I deleted all my old stuff -- so much drama! :)

    HTML (and even CSS) are pretty easy to pick up. The only aspect of getting onto WordPress I needed help with was dealing with hosting and migrating all my stuff over. But you can find help with that pretty easily, I'll bet.

    Here's my BBH for the week. Take care!

    1. Yeah, I felt so good getting rid of my Livejournal for the same reason. :)

      Eventually I'd like to move everything over to Wordpress, but for now I'm sticking with Blogger because it's easy. But someday I'll either be on Wordpress or I'll be self-hosting.

  2. I maintain my blog by myself too.

    I am sticking with Blogger. I know my way around. :)

    Have a great day!!

    Happy Hopping!!
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    1. Thanks! That's exactly how I feel about Blogger too. It's familiar and easy. But I'll probably move someday, either to Wordpress or self-hosting.


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