Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Title:  Bridesmaids
Format:  Movie Theater (May 14, 2011) 
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  B-/C-

I'm giving the movie a mixed rating, because while it had funny parts, I will never watch it again.  I almost never watch rated-R movies.  I avoid them, because I really hate extreme violence, raunch, and hearing the F-word repeatedly.  PG-13 is where I usually draw the line, and I rarely go out of that comfort zone.  But this was for a bridesmaid outing with my friends Mary (the bride) and Christine.  Plus, I didn't even realize the movie wasn't PG-13 until the day before.

Bridesmaids was made by the same people who put out Superbad and Knocked Up (that should have been my first warning there), and focuses on the story of a woman whose best friend is getting married, whose love-life is a wreck, and whose fellow bridesmaid is an evil control-freak trying to take over her position as the bride's BFF.

The movie, being rated R, had plenty of raunchy humor and profanity (which is why I'll never see it again), and one rather gross scene involving food poisoning that had both Mary and me covering our eyes.  Both the opening & closing scenes of the movie were awkward and WAY out of my comfort zone.  If you dislike profanity, extremely raunchy humor, and puking, don't ever watch this movie!

What really disappoints me about this movie is that it had ridiculously funny parts that would have been awesome without all the raunch and grossness.  Bridesmaids could easily have been made a PG-13 movie without losing the real humor and fun of the movie.  I had so much fun laughing with my friends, but it would have been a better experience without all the rated-R material.  B-/C-