Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (37) - Most Memorable Secondary Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is about memorable secondary characters.  There are so many amazing secondary characters out there.  I can't believe I can only choose TEN.  But I did, and here they are.

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

  • Neville Longbottom and Severus Snape from The Harry Potter series
    • There are so, SO many good secondary characters from this series, but these two stand out to me as the best.  Neville is amazing because he starts out incredibly timid and self-conscious, and then he blossoms into a hero.  Severus also turns out to be an incredibly deep, complex character who surprises everyone in the end.
  • Hassan from An Abundance of Katherines
    • I would read an entire book just about Hassan.  He's funny and irreverent; he has no problem smacking some sense into his best friend; and he's way less whiny than all the other characters in the book.
  • Captain Thorne from Scarlet
    • I love the addition of Captain Thorne to the Lunar Chronicles.  He added just the right amount of humor to the series, and I can't wait to read more about him.
  • Haymitch from The Hunger Games trilogy
    • Of all the people in the series, I think Haymitch is the most real.  He's not a hero; he doesn't show fake sympathy; he doesn't say meaningless fluff to cheer up Katniss or Peeta; and he's actually really smart when he's not drunk.
  • Squijum from The Unicorn Chronicles
    • I love Squijum purely for his ridiculous cuteness.  He's pretty much only in the series to provide both a comic relief and an annoying sidekick, but he's the one you remember.  If I could have a pet Squijum, I would.
  • Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson series
    • Nico is another character who gained a lot of depth and character throughout a series.  He changed from a whiny little kid to an interesting nemesis to a powerful ally.  I'm especially interested to see what kind of a role he plays in the next book, The House of Hades.
  • Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle
    • I'm definitely cheating here and picking this character based on both the book and movie version.  His sarcasm is honestly what I love the most about him, and in the movie, he's voiced by Billy Crystal, who does a perfect job bringing Calcifer to life.
  • Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride
    • Once again, I'm basing this choice on both the book & the movie.  Inigo Montoya is such a great character; I think I like him the most of all.  His dedication to avenging his father, as well as his friendship with Fezzick, gives him great depth.  And who doesn't love quoting him? "My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die."
  • Faramir from The Lord of the Rings
    • Like Harry Potter, this series has tons of amazing secondary characters, but as I'm not including anyone in the fellowship as secondary, I have to pick Faramir as my favorite.  Besides having great emotional depth, he also has an interesting backstory that shapes who he is and the decisions he makes throughout the books.
And there you have it.  Sorry I was lazy and didn't provide any links to Goodreads.  I will next time; I promise.  But I was in a rush to get this done, since I've fallen behind on my blogging (stupid wisdom teeth).  What do you think?  Anyone here you agree or disagree with?  Anyone you'd like to add?  Who are some of your favorite secondary characters?


  1. I love Neville, Snape and Haymitch too. You're right, it was hard to pick only ten!

    1. I could have picked another ten at least... just from Harry Potter. I think one of the reasons I love TTT is because it's so challenging to choose only ten for each week (although I've cheated in the past and gone up to twelve).

  2. I love that HP is on everyone's list, but everyone has been choosing a different character that I've seen so far!

    I haven't read Princess Bride, but saw the movie and love that character. :)

    Our Top Ten

    1. I love that too about HP. Everyone has their own favorite character. I think Sirius Black is the one I've seen the most so far.

      And I hope you decide to read The Princess Bride someday. It's so good. I love it and the movie version equally.

  3. Great list, I love Nico as well although I loved him from the start but I also loved the character that he became as well.

    1. Both of the Percy Jackson series have amazing secondary characters. It was hard to choose just one. But in my opinion, Nico's had the most growth & change as a character.

  4. I love Hassan. I agree that a Hassan-centric book would be fantastic.
    The Unicorn Chronicles! I read that years ago, and yes, Squijum is great. He saved the day in the end.
    And Calcifer!

    Great list.

    My TTT

    1. The Unicorn Chronicles is one of the few series I've read aloud to my siblings, and it was so much fun doing Squijum's voice. Sometimes I was laughing too hard to say them because he's so funny.

      And as much as I love Sophie and Howl, Calcifer's probably my favorite.

  5. Awesome list! I agree with so many of these (all the ones I've read about!) I completely forgot about Squijum from The Unicorn Chronicles.


    1. Thanks! Squijum is pretty awesome. I love the other characters as well, especially the Dimblethum and Medafil. But Squijum's the best.


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