Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Challenge 3, Day 2

My original plan for the first book of Thirty Books in 30 Days was a Georgette Heyer novel, but since my library doesn't have any, and my interlibrary loan was sent back before I could pick it up, I will be attacking my TBR list.  My starting book is Here, There Be Dragons by James Owens.  It's the first book of The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica, and it looks awesome, so I'm looking forward to reading it.  But first I must review my May books, which I hope to finish either tonight or tomorrow.

Now that Unplugged is over, and I'm free to watch TV and movies, I realize that I'm not really craving Glee or Castle or Lie to Me (new episode next Monday!!) or even Leverage (obsessed!).  What I truly miss and must watch are my Jane Austen/Shakespeare/fairy-tale adaptations.  I am craving Mansfield Park, Twelfth Night, and Ever After!  I mean, I definitely want to catch up on all my TV shows, but I'm probably going to put those off until I've watched a couple period-piece dramas.  I blame it on the many Georgette Heyer novels I read last month.  You just can't read that many Regency romances without it affecting you.

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