Friday, April 16, 2010

Mixed feelings

On Tuesday night, the first episode of Glee: Season 2 aired, and rather than feeling really excited for this season, I feel a bit apprehensive, disappointed, intrigued, and only a little excited.

My reasons are:
  • I had been really looking forward to the Finn/Rachel relationship drama, and within the first 10 minutes, that's over, and this new love interest Jesse just sweeps in without warning.
  • Then there was the Mr. Schuester/Emma/Vocal-Adrenaline-leader tension that really turned me off. I mean, Idina Menzel was the perfect choice as the competition with an agenda, but Will's a doofus for chasing her when he's got Emma. Once again, a long-awaited relationship has been put on hold for the sake of melodrama.
  • Sue Sylvester was her usual evil self; she almost never fails to disappoint. Her Madonna music video was hilarious.
  • Terri just refuses to go away. Only instead of scheming to keep Will, she's planning on getting rid of Emma. I found her plotting and fake pregnancy storyline very annoying in season 1, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing what devious plans she has in store for Emma.
  • The whole episode felt so rushed, as well as jammed with new plot ideas. And they haven't even introduced all of the new storylines they're planning. I felt like this episode was just a segue from season 1 to the real season 2. This episode felt like it was a mini season, like season 1.5.

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