Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Months, Three Challenges

For some fun and excitement, I have decided to participate in/make up some challenges for the next three months. I feel that these challenges will give me more motivation to blog as well as reconnect me with the literary world. Lately, I have been held captive by several addictive forms of electronic media- YouTube,, and Netflix. My to-be-read pile continues to be cast aside, and it has somehow managed to grow as well, despite my constant neglect. I must... must... get back to my reading and writing. And these challenges will help me do just that.

April - Challenge #1 - Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy starts in April. And for those of you who do not know what Script Frenzy is... Script Frenzy was started by the creators of NaNoWriMo (and if you don't know what that is, click here). Like NaNoWriMo, it is a month-long challenge; only this time, you have thirty days to write 100 pages of script. It could be a TV script, movie script, even a graphic novel. But you have only thirty days to complete it. Now I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo for various reasons, and I'm hoping to succeed at this, or at least get further with this project than I did last November.

May - Challenge #2 - Unplugged

My second challenge is pretty self-explanatory. For the entire merry, merry month of May, I will be unplugged. Which means, with a few exceptions, my electronic media usage will come to a halt. Of course, I have to use a computer at my job, and if I'm invited somewhere and they're watching TV, I'm not going to ask them to turn it off. But when I'm home, my TV and laptop will be turned off, my iPod will be placed in the care of my sister, and while I'm at work, I will avoid using the internet. In order to update my blog on my progress, the entries will be written by my family and/or friends.

This challenge will help me break my addiction to things like Netflix, and allow me to get back on track with more important things- reading, writing, spending time with my family, going outside once in a while. No electronic distractions allowed!

June - Challenge #3 - Thirty Books in 30 Days

Once again, the challenge name is self-explanatory. I am challenging myself to read a total of thirty books in one month. Like challenge #2, there will be rules, such as how long the books are and what age level they're at. It doesn't mean anything if you read thirty preschool books or books under 100 pages. And I will also set time limits, since I can't lose too much sleep doing this, or my family, friends, and coworkers will hate me for being a very tired grouch all the time. I will also have to set aside a time to review all of these books so that I'm not swamped in July. I haven't decided on the specifics yet; after all, I have two months to fine-tune the details. But the basic gist is thirty age-appropriate, moderately long books in June. Hopefully, my to-be-read list will have shrunken to a more manageable pile by the time July comes around. :)


And those are my three challenges. This means that the next couple of days will be intense, as I now have to post all of the reviews that I procrastinated on. Insanity! Even crazier- I'm thinking of vlogging the third challenge. If you have any ideas for other fun challenges, please leave a comment, and maybe I'll have the rest of the year set.

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