Monday, March 29, 2010

GRE Update

So I got my GRE scores last week, and... I'm 0.5 points under the required essay score! O.5!!! It's rather frustrating, especially since I scored over the required score for the verbal section. I know many colleges will overlook a marginal difference if the rest of your application components are amazing (which I hope mine are), but I don't know if the college I've applied for does. I really, really hope that they do.

P.S. Here are some awesome YouTube series/sensations that I'm hooked on:
  • Charlie McDonnell. Very funny, cute British musician and vlogger. Check out his YouTube page or his website.
  • The Vlog Brothers- John & Hank Green. They created a vlog on YouTube in order to communicate with one another, as they lived on the opposite ends of the country. Go to their YouTube channel for a fun watch.
  • Truth or Fail. An interactive quiz/game with a different theme every time. Created by the aforementioned VlogBrothers for fun. Test your knowledge on YouTube or at its own website.

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