Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Thoughts - Reading Nooks

I've always wanted a reading nook.  Someplace that was specifically set up for reading (like the above pic), or that was my own personal corner to read in.  As of right now, living in my parents' house, I'm pretty limited to where I can read.  The place I read the most often is my bed.  I don't own a chair to curl up in, and we don't have window seats.  The couches in the family room are comfortable, but not private.  So really the only option is my bed.

When I (finally) get my own place, I'd like to imagine that it will have a pretty amazing window seat.  I think window seats are amongst the best places to read.  Besides being comfortable, with all those pillows (because of course my ideal window seat would have a ton of pillows), it will also have great natural light, a secluded feel, and (hopefully) a good view to distract you when a book gets to be too heady or emotional.

But realistically, I realize that the first place I move to will most likely be a rental, and, more importantly, cheap.  So there probably won't be a window seat and no option to put one in.  I'm just going to have to wait until I buy my first home/apartment, and then I will have my window seat.

Until then, I've decided to go with the next best thing.  I want a quiet little corner of my own to put in a comfy armchair and a lamp.  Preferably with a side table for my mug of tea (or coffee, depending on the time of day) and a snack.  Round it all out with a soft throw and a squishy pillow, and it's practically perfection.

Now do I currently have room for something like this in my room?  Absolutely not.  It would require a lot of furniture being moved around, or possibly getting thrown out.  But as soon as I'm fortunate enough (a.k.a. financially capable) to have my own place, creating a reading nook will be my top priority.

How about you?  Do you have someplace special where you do most of your reading - a window seat or specific chair?  Or do you read in bed, as I currently do?  Or do you just read wherever it's most convenient at the time?  I'd love to know.


  1. I'd love a reading nook. When I was at university, my walk from my house to campus required going past a gorgeous house which had a tiny little room in one corner on the first floor. Its two outward facing walls were glass, and it had a comfy chair inside, perfect for reading. It's been my dream to have something similar when I finally get my own place one day.

    In the meantime, I'm stuck reading on my bed!


    1. That room sounds so perfect. I would have been so envious of the people I owned that house, especially if I had to pass it almost every day. I hope you get to have a room like that someday.


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