Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #25

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  It's a freebie week, so I decided to tell you about some of my reading/book quirks.  Everyone has them, whether it's needing a specific type of lighting or only reading a certain size font.  Here's a few of mine.

My Top Ten Reading/Book Quirks

  • "Speed" reading
    • So I can't do that thing you see in the infomercials where people finish a book in minutes, but I do tend to read quickly.  I can finish up to three 300-400 page books in a day, if no one interrupts me.
  • I watch TV while reading...
    • Usually I can read a book and watch a show/movie at the same time, and not miss anything in either.  Of course, if it's a really intense book or show, then I have a harder time.  But if they're "just okay," then it's not really a problem.
  • ...But I can't listen to music.
    • With a TV show, I can always lower the volume/change the channel if it does get too distracting, but with music, I feel like I can't escape it.  And if the tempo doesn't match the book's pace, it throws me off.
  • Temperature is an issue...
    • Ever since college, when I roomed with someone who wasn't comfortable unless it was 80+ degrees, temperature is a big issue for me.  And if I feel too cold (it's almost never too hot), I can't focus on a book.  I'm just thinking about how to get warm.
  • ...But hunger apparently isn't.
    • If a book is really absorbing, I can forget to eat a meal.  I'll just be so far away in another place, that I won't even notice my stomach growling.  It's not until after I've finished the book that I suddenly notice how hungry I am.
  • Matching book covers
    • I am so OCD (anal) about my book covers matching.  I hate when they change the cover style of a series partway through (like Artemis Fowl).  I will go out of my way to make sure my covers match.  For example, I have Divergent in paperback, so now I won't buy Insurgent or Allegiant until they're also offered in paperback.
  • Bothersome book jackets
    • Book jackets annoy me so much.  They're constantly ripping or slipping off.  I usually just remove them when I'm reading a book because they bug me so much.
  • Paperbacks preferred
    • There's just something about the way paperbacks feel, their weight and flexibility, that I prefer over hardcovers.  And maybe I just love paperbacks so much more simply because of how much I dislike book jackets.
  • Print only please!
    • I am so passionately against e-readers.  I already think the world is too dependent on technology as it is, and we're all destroying our eyes with these screens (yes, I realize the irony that I'm saying this on a blog).  The only time I have ever used an e-reader was because Kaitlin Bevis' Persephone isn't available in print form.  And as much as I love the book, I hate the format.  I love paper and ink, and I dread the day when it's no longer available.
  • Blank journal collection
    • I'm not sure how it got started, but I have a blank journal collection.  I go to bookstores and find these beautiful journals and notebooks, and I imagine the awesome things I will write in them... and then I never use them.  So they have now become a collection that I am continually adding to, and maybe will someday actually use.


  1. I love your topic! I can read with the tv on too and HATE when my books don't match. I prefer hardcovers, but if it isn't a library book I always take of the dust jacket. Here's my freebie list http://wp.me/pzUn5-1yf

  2. I'm the opposite in that I can listen to music and read but not watch TV. I'm too easily distracted by visuals. Also, book jackets are rubbish and I always pull them straight off. Great topic!

  3. This is one of the best freebie top ten ideas I've seen so far. I'm not a fan of e-readers either but I spend many hours laying awake in the night and my Kobo has been a life saver, letting me read without turning on a light and therefore not disturbing my husband. I'll never give up paper books though; no e-reader will ever smell, look or feel like a paper book and I'm committed to print. I had a collection of journals for a long time then all of a sudden I started finding uses for them and now I find myself with only 1 left. Time to start collecting again - there's noting quite like a beautiful new journal. So much potential!


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