Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #11

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.  This week's topic is your top ten favorite romances in books.  First off, how to choose?  Do I only want to include the most recent romances that I've fallen in love with, or just the classics that I've loved forever?  I guess the best compromise is do to some of both.  Second, I'm scared to read other people's lists.  I have a lot of catching up to do with my reading, and I really don't want to read any spoilers.  But at the same time, I want to see what other people have to say.  So torn!

My Top Ten Eleven Favorite Romances in Books
  1. Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice  -  This couple will probably be on a lot of people's lists, but honestly, it makes sense.  The sparks, the tension, the banter.  These two laid the foundation for what all good romances should be.
  2. Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre  -  Yes, I realize that their love story is a messed-up one.  The whole crazy-wife-in-the-attic thing is definitely a problem.  But I love Gothic romances, especially ones that are as passionate and real as Jane and Edward's.
  3. Sir Percy Blakeney & Marguerite from The Scarlet Pimpernel  -  Speaking of passion, Sir Percy and Marguerite are an amazing example.  Because of something in Marguerite's past, Sir Percy puts distance between the two of them.  But he never stops loving her; he just refuses to let her see it.  I mean, the man loves his wife so passionately that after she leaves the room, he kisses the ground where she walked.
  4. Arabella & Robert Beaumaris from Arabella  -  I love Georgette Heyer romances, and this couple is one of her best.  Arabella is so open and charming and different from the other debutantes that Robert Beaumaris can't help falling for her.  But not before wreaking some havoc in Arabella's life as payback for a moment of silly pride.  The adventures that ensue are funny and sweet and romantic.
  5. Lord Carlyon & Elinor Rochdale from The Reluctant Widow  -  Another Georgette Heyer romance, and perhaps the best of them all.  Lord Carlyon & Elinor have the most awesome conversations.  They're both witty and sarcastic, and they drive each other absolutely nuts at times.  Their banter is amazing; I just love the two of them together.
  6. Ron & Hermione from the Harry Potter series  -  I think everyone had the same reaction when Ron & Hermione kissed in the final book - "Finally!"
  7. Peeta & Katniss from The Hunger Games  -  I'm not even sure if it's the couple I love or just Peeta.  But I knew for sure that I didn't want Katniss to end up with Gale; the two of them were both so hotheaded, they would have killed each other.  Peeta was just what Katniss needed - strong but even-tempered.
  8. Percy & Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series  -  Another "finally!" couple.  And their relationship gets even better in the new series.  That ending to Mark of Athena?  Well, if Annabeth didn't know how Percy felt before that, she most certainly knows now.
  9. Hazel & Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars -  I can't even talk about how much I love this couple because if I do, I'll start bawling.  Their story is both beautiful and heartbreaking.
  10. Tris & Tobias from Divergent  -  Definitely the most recent romance I've added to my favorites list.  I love these characters together, because they balance each other out; where one is weak, the other is strong.
  11. Persephone & Hades from Persephone (& other retellings)  -  I have said it multiple times, but I'll say it again.  I heart this couple.  I've read so many retellings of their myth, and one of my favorites is Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis.  Her account of Hades & Persephone's relationship is passionate and intense.


  1. I agree with loving Peeta. I thought about putting them on my list, but wasn't sure if I liked the romance between them or if it was just because I liked Peeta.

  2. Oh yes, Tris and Tobias. <3 I want a Tobias for my very own!!

    Beth @ YA Vixens
    Vixen's Top Ten!

  3. I love Arabella. It is one of my favorite Heyer books. Can't believe I forgot to include it on my list.


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