Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Title:  Primeval: Season 3
Format:  DVD
Category:  Sci-Fi
Rating:  A

So much action and drama packed into this season.  Even more new characters, the scariest new villain yet, and a catastrophic death that overwhelms and changes the team's dynamic forever.  The third season is the most intense and exciting of the series.

The newest characters in the series are Dr. Sarah Page (an Egyptologist), Captain Becker (head of ARC security), and Danny Quinn (former police officer).  Each add their own unique style and quirks to the team, as well as provide new perspective on the anomalies.  The newest villain, Christine Johnson, is extremely power-hungry and devious, and she's not afraid of putting other people at risk to get what she wants.  Her desire to learn more about the future and its advances and to gain an important artifact from a future anomaly is one of the main overarching plots of the season, and on more than one occasion, she comes close to succeeding.

The worst part about watching this season was to get to the awesome cliffhanger at the end, and then realize that the show had been canceled.  How could they?!  It was such an amazing show, and it ends in the most exciting, nail-biting cliffhanger ever.  They couldn't just leave it there.  Luckily, lots of other fans felt the same way and voiced their opinions loudly.  And they're bringing the show back in December for at least two more seasons!!  I'm so happy!  Now they can finally tell me what happened to the team.  And if my luck holds out, maybe they'll extend it for a sixth season too!  Can't wait for December!  A

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