Monday, November 1, 2010

Title:  Primeval: Season 2
Format:  Netflix
Category:  Sci-Fi
Rating:  A

I'm not even going to bother putting in a description because imdb's stinks, and every other websites' is two pages long.

The second installment of the Primeval series is even more exciting than the first.  New characters, new creatures, new villains... and an alternate universe!  This season focuses on creatures from the future and the relationships between the characters.  Which are especially strained after the twisted ending to the first season.

Cutter has the hardest time readjusting to all of the changes occurring in his life and world, like their new headquarters, the ARC (Anomaly Research Center).  The biggest change he has to cope with is the departure of Claudia Brown, and the entrance of her look-alike, PR specialist Jennifer Lewis.  James Lester gets a much bigger and more appreciated role, although he will always be snarky.  And Connor and Abby start to take on more responsibilities as well as bigger roles in the series (after all, they are the only two people from the original team to last through all four seasons).  Their "relationship" also goes through a lot of bumps and turns, but it's one of the best parts of the series.

The second season also has a more defined overarching plot, and the subplots are much more connected.  Everything builds up to a spectacular season finale, where one main character dies to save others, and one of the villains escapes to cause more trouble in the next season.  A

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