Friday, April 30, 2010

Challenge 2, The Rules

Tomorrow is the first day of Unplugged- my second challenge of the year. For the entire month of May, I will be disconnecting myself from the TV, computer, and iPod. There are, of course, a few exceptions and rules which I am now going to list.

  • Starting May 1st, I will be turning off all of my electronics. My laptop, TV, blu-ray player, and iPod will all be shut down until June 1st.
  • If I wish to listen to music, it cannot be with headphones. It must be in a CD player, playing aloud so that I can hear everything else going on around me.
  • If I need something off the internet, such as a recipe or to check my email, I will ask my family members to do this for me.
  • I will read at least one book a week, and keep track of my reading with the new book journal I just bought.
  • I will cook dinner more, keeping track of the recipes in my new recipe journal.
  • I will scrapbook at least 6 new pages for my scrapbook.
  • To keep this blog from going stagnant, guest bloggers will be posting for May. I plan on asking them to either post their own opinions on books and movies, or recipes, or to post updates on my progress with this challenge.
  • I will try not to cheat!
  • Work- my job requires me to use a computer; therefore, I must use the computer while I am there. But I will stay off the internet, and read during my breaks.
  • Grad School application steps- I have to finish up some very important steps for my graduate school application, and some of these steps require internet/computer usage.
  • Emergencies- if a situation arises where it is absolutely necessary to use my computer or TV, I will then use it, but only for that reason.
  • Others- as in other people. If I am invited over to someone's house and they are watching TV, I'm not going to ask them to turn it off. After all, they didn't sign up for this challenge.
And those are the rules and exceptions for the month of May. Good-bye for now!

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