Thursday, January 28, 2010

Resolutions and Goals 2010

So I've decided to make some resolutions and goals for this year, despite the fact that I usually epically fail at keeping/reaching them.

Resolutions involving The Three R's... Almost
  1. I will update this blog at least once a week. Even if I have nothing more to write than - "Did nothing this week." I will write anyway in order to get into the habit.
  2. I will read more. Which will of course mean sacrificing something. Writing, watching TV, or and/or (I'm so hooked on this one game that I play it much too much). I'm thinking that it's going to be the game sites.
  3. I will finally put together the scrapbooking pages that I bought all the supplies for, but never started.
  4. I will continue my newest story and write 75,000 words by December 31st. If some people can write that much in a month, I can certainly match and surpass them in a year.
  5. I will actually finish my application to grad school, even though I dread having homework again. And dread the loss of time that school will take up.
The Standard Resolutions I Make and Break Every Year
  1. I will make it to church every Sunday, and read my Bible at least once a week. I make so many excuses when it comes to both of these, and I need to stop making excuses.
  2. I will live a healthier lifestyle. Even if it means I have to give up foods I love and do the E word... exercise. I want to feel better about myself.
  3. I will start/restart journaling. I don't think I've written a journal entry since freshman year of college. And exciting/funny stuff has happened that I've forgotten. No more of that.
  4. I will do a better job at staying in touch with my friends. I suck at this, which is a terrible thing to suck at. I will make more of an effort to email/call/text/visit the people I love and care about.
  5. Here's a new one- I will not spend so much money. I will learn to penny-pinch. I will remember that I have a Netflix account which means I don't have to buy every movie I think is good or looks good.
Short and Long-Term Goals for 2010
  1. Getting accepted into a grad school.
  2. Getting my teaching certificate.
  3. A new car (this could be a new car or a newer used car).
  4. Setting up a savings account to save up enough for a down payment on my own place.
  5. The summer of weekend road trips. There are so many places I'd like to visit this year.
  6. Redo my room. Paint, new carpet, and rearrangement of the furniture.
  7. Throw another scrapbooking party.
  8. Write a novel. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd like to finish SOMETHING!
There are probably things I'm leaving out, but I'll add them in later. This is already a rather challenging list. 2010 will be an interesting year.

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