Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal Update - August 22nd

I discovered this week that wisdom teeth are evil... yes, evil.  Apparently, one of my wisdom teeth is infected, which explains the hellish pain I've been experiencing for the past two days.  And of course, there's a whole process involved in getting rid of them.  I need to visit an oral surgeon for a consultation, and then my insurance has to approve the "extraction", and once it's approved, then I can set up an appointment for it to actually happen.

What does this mean for my blog?  Fortunately my dentist did give me antibiotics and prescription-strength Ibuprofen, so for right now, everything is okay on the blogging front.  But when I do finally get these stupid teeth removed, I might take a vacation from... well, anything requiring more than couch potato brain power.  Because I've been told that it's pretty painful, and I don't think I'll really be all that concerned with blogging if my face is swollen and my jaw's in pain.

All of this is to say -  Don't be surprised if in a week or two (or three, depending on how busy my oral surgeon is), my poor blog suddenly seems neglected.

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