Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (32) - Favorite Non-Bookish Sites/Blogs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is the top ten words and/or topics that will make you NOT want a book.  But I actually did something very similar yesterday for the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge.  We had to write what our deal breakers were (read it here, if you'd like), and I listed all of the things that ruin a book or turn me away from a book.

So because I already covered this topic yesterday, I've decided to do a Top Ten from the past.  Today I'll be writing about my favorite blogs/sites that aren't book-related.

Top Five Non-Bookish Sites
  • Entertainment Weekly  -   I go here for all of my TV & movie news.  Yes, they have a section for books too, but I rarely get my book news from them.  I love going here for the recaps of TV episodes I've missed, or peeks at upcoming movies.
  • People  -  I admit that I like to read some of the celebrity gossip out there, and People's my favorite source.  I especially like their own top ten list; every Friday they print their top ten favorite celebrity quotes.  And they're almost always hilarious.
  • AllEars.Net  -  I LOVE Disney World!  I go there as often as possible, and this site is the best for updates, menus, photos.  They even have host several blogs, all about Disney, on their site too.
  • Weight Watchers  -  Besides being a great tool for tracking points, the site has hundreds of yummy recipes, tips for eating out, articles, and a supportive community.  One of my favorite features of the blog is the cheat sheet section.  You click on a cheat sheet, and it will bring you "into" a restaurant, where you can place what's on the menu onto a plate to see the points.
  • IMDB  -  This site is one I use a lot because it has all the trailers, info about actors, pictures.  It's the perfect place to go when you can't remember a specific actor's name, or where you've seen them before.  It also has quizzes and forums to try too.

Top Five Non-Bookish Blogs
  • Paper & Stitch  -  I love scrapbooking and creative ideas for DIY decor.  This blog covers party decorations, home goods, clothes, plate settings, flowers, holiday projects... you get the idea.  And all of them are so bright and pretty.
  • Young House Love  -  I've always wanted to design and decorate a home just the way I want to, and that's what the couple who created Young House Love are doing.  They share tips on remodeling, painting, and design, and they share the ups & downs of their own DIY home projects.
  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks  -  Ree Drummond's cooking show on the Food Network is one of the best (in my opinion).  She's funny and creative; she homeschools her kids, just like my mom homeschooled us; and she makes delicious food.  I can't wait to try some of her recipes, like her jalapeno quesadillas and cowboy quiche.
  • My Baking Addiction  -  My second favorite hobby after reading is baking.  I think it's so much fun to come up with new ideas for cupcakes or cookies, and even better to share them with people.  This blog has so many amazing recipes (Oreo cheesecake, tiramisu brownies, rosemary lemon shortbread), as well as great tips and how-to guides for baking.
  • The Disney Blog  -  As I said before, I LOVE Disney, so it makes sense that I would be following a Disney blog.  This is one of the best with multiple updates a day about all the latest news and updates from Disney.
And that's my Top Ten list of non-bookish sites and blogs.  Do you have any favorite sites or blogs, bookish or not?

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