Monday, July 1, 2013

A Win and a Fail

For some reason, I thought I had til June 30th to complete this challenge, not June 21st.  I just completely forgot that the whole point of the deadline was that it was supposed to be a Spring challenge, and therefore ended the day before Summer.

Which means that when June 21st came and went, I had completed one of the Once Upon a Time challenges I'd chosen, but not the other.


The challenge of Quest the Second was to read one book from each of the following genres: fantasy, folklore, fairy-tale, and mythology.  Despite my worry that a folklore story would be harder to find, I was able to finish this Quest early on in the season.  The books I read to complete the quest were:


Quest the Third required that you meet the requirements of either Quest the First or Second (check), followed by either a June reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare or watching one of its theatrical adaptations.  Because I thought the deadline was June 30th, I did not complete this challenge in time.  Oops.

So the Once Upon a Time challenge was both a win and a fail for me.  Now I need to get back on track with the Debut Author Challenge, which I completely forgot I was participating in, due to the deadline being so far away (January 31, 2014).

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