Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: Master of Many Treasures by Mary Brown

Title:  Master of Many Treasures
Author:  Mary Brown
Series:  Pigs Don't Fly #3
Genre:  Fantasy
Pages:  384

Rating:  F

Synopsis from  The good news was that Summer had found true love. The bad news was that, while the object of her affections was sometimes in human form, he was last seen in dragon form flying east. So she undertook yet another arduous quest...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I cannot think of anything good to say about Master of Many Treasures.  I really can't.  All I can think of was everything I hated about this book.

  • Profanity  -  The last book had hardly any swearing in it at all.  In this book, the F-word is used frequently.  I just couldn't deal with how many times it was said.
  • Sex  -  I stopped actually reading the book and just skimmed the rest of it when the author just kept bringing up sick/disgusting references.  I don't even want to mention/think about what was in the book.  I was so grossed out; I almost didn't finish the book at all.  But since I wanted to know if Summer and Jasper ended up together, I pretty much just kept jumping ahead every 10 pages, skimmed to see what happened, and then jumped ahead the next 10 pages until the end.
  • Dickon  -  I hated this character so much, I wanted him to die.  Most of the profanity is from his dialogue too.
  • The ending  -  Probably one of the worst endings ever.  I finished the book and was like, "I wasted my time reading/skimming this book for it to end like that?!"
Don't bother reading this book at all.  Even if you've read Pigs Don't Fly and want to know what happens next, it's not worth reading this garbage, which is exactly where my copy of this book is headed.  F

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