Friday, February 15, 2013

Library Haul - February 15th

Recently, I started going back to my local library.  In the past, I usually just bought the books I wanted or thought looked interesting, simply because my library is very small and doesn't have a huge selection.  And even though they have a county-wide sharing program with other libraries, I still can't get my hands on a lot of books.

But now a new dilemma is preventing me from continuing my book-buying ways - a decided lack of money.  I'm not even willing to buy myself new clothes, despite the fact that all my current clothes are too big.

So back to the library I go.  Last night, I took my Valentine's "date", my little sister, to the library (before going home to bake cupcakes and read The Return of the King aloud), because she loves to read as much as I do.  She even reads super-fast like I do, so I'm sure she'll be coming with me on my next trip to the library too.  While I was there, I picked up four books that I'm definitely looking forward to, and which inspired me to start a new feature - the Library Haul.

This week's Library Haul:

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