Friday, January 18, 2013

To Review or Not to Review: That Is the Question

During the past couple of weeks, I've been reading other bloggers' bookish resolutions for this year, and I saw one resolution come up a lot - to review books they read before they started blogging.  It started me thinking about my own blog and all the books I've read and movies/TV that I've watched.  And I decided to seriously think about whether I would want to attempt the same thing.  Should I post reviews of my pre-blogging books & movies, or should I just stick to posting reviews of books/movies as I read/see them?  Should I, at the very least, post reviews for books & movies from the past couple of years that I just forgot to do?

While thinking about this question, I did some research, and here's what I discovered.
  • On, my current list of movies/TV shows that I've watched has hit 1440, and I still haven't even finished going through a quarter of all the titles on the site.
  • When applying for college, I included with my applications a list of all the books I read during high school.  The list is around seven pages long, single-spaced.  (Books are my favorite things!)
  • My read list is currently at 446, and that's without really trying to find all the books I've ever read.
  • It's a struggle to publish the posts and reviews I'm doing now, since I have to borrow family members' computers while my laptop is broken.
So in conclusion, I'm going to stick with what I've been doing.  The numbers are just daunting, and I'm not even sure I could remember exactly how I felt about half of those books and movies.  I'll keep adding and rating old books on and movies/TV shows on, but as for posting reviews here, if I ever decide to do one on a pre-blogging book/movie, it will have to be one I recently reread/watched (which I love to do) or just feel very strongly about.

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