Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DVR Dilemma

During the summer, my TV watching lessens considerably, simply because there are fewer good shows on then.  But now that it's fall, my TV schedule is crazy.  And my DVR is filling up fast.  As of right now, almost every night of the week, the DVR is recording something.  Usually I'm able to stay on top of the shows, but lately I've fallen behind and now have weeks worth of episodes to catch up on.

  • 8pm - Once Upon a Time (ABC)
  • 10pm - Revolution (NBC)
  • 10pm - Castle (ABC)
  • 10pm - Vegas (NBC)
  • 10pm - Covert Affairs (USA)
  • 8pm - Arrow (CW)
  • 8pm - The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • 8pm - Last Resort (ABC)
  • 9pm - Person of Interest (CBS)
  • 9pm - Beauty & the Beast (CW)
  • 10pm - Elementary (CBS)

Obviously, Thursday is the craziest TV watching day, and the one day when my DVR is overloaded.  And if that weren't bad enough, it won't be long before Downton Abbey and Psych both start up again.  And of course, my parents record things as well, so the time has come to start deleting things and making room.  But the question is - what do I get rid of?

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