Sunday, April 3, 2011

Title:  Tangled
Format:  Blu-ray
Genre:  Disney princess/Musical
Rating:  A+

Description (from All Movie Guide):  The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale gets a lavish CG makeover as directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno team up to tell the tale of a fair-haired beauty with long-flowing locks, a gallant hero with a heart of gold, and the evil witch who plots to keep these lovelorn innocents apart.

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What an amazing movie!!!  Modern animation and great character development but with a classic Disney feel.  I wish I'd seen the movie in theaters, but seeing it last night on Blu-ray was also awesome.  The animation was great, even though I don't really like the 3D, CGI movies.  But for this movie, it worked perfectly.

Unlike many of the Disney princess movies, Tangled had great character development.  Other princess movies barely introduce the characters before they've fallen in love with a total stranger and are facing adversity.  In this movie, Rapunzel and Flynn both get a lot of background and development, making them seem like much more 3-dimensional characters (no pun intended).  Even the sidekicks and villain had great personalities and depth.

The classic Disney touches were there as well, which is probably why the movie was amazing.  Alan Menken did the music, and Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi had great voices for Disney.  The story was also fun and exciting, with plenty of family-appropriate humor and romance.

It makes me sad that John Lassiter (head of Pixar and new head of Disney animation) has said that Tangled is the last princess movie Disney will make.  This movie was proof that people still love a classic romance from Disney, as long as there's great characters and a fun story.  It was in the theaters for months, not weeks, and was extremely popular, but according to Lassiter, people don't want princess movies anymore.  I think Tangled has proved him wrong.  It's fun, refreshing, and cute with good music and characters.  I'd recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, even strangers on a bus.  I'd somehow make conversation with them just to tell them to see it.  A+

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