Monday, March 21, 2011

Title:  Aeon Flux
Format:  Netflix
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Rating:  C+

Synopsis (from All Movie Guide):  Based on the animated series by Peter Chung, Aeon Flux imagines a future in which 99 percent of the world's population is killed through industrial disease, and the survivors live in a single city that, despite utopian appearances, is quite totalitarian. Disinclined to embrace any particular ideology outside of a hatred for Trevor Goodchild, the leader of the council that governs the walled city, hyper-sexualized assassin Aeon Flux seeks to bring about a revolution. Retaining the title character's trademark jet-black hair and sleek, revealing clothing, this film adaptation fleshes out the story behind the sexual and romantic tension between Aeon and Trevor.

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Here's a movie that proves you don't need to have a plot to get people to watch.  The whole point of this movie was to showcase Charlize Theron.  Skimpy or skin-tight outfits, constant close-ups on her face, and acrobatic movements are included to focus your attention on Theron's body so you'll never pay attention to the fact that there is almost no story to follow.

The little bit of story that exists is full of holes that never get filled.  From what I've read online, the animated series was pretty much the same.  One thing that they did change for the movie was to make Trevor Goodchild a much younger man, for which I will always be grateful.  Marton Csokas is a great actor, and even though this movie was awful, I have to give him (and Charlize Theron) some credit for still giving a good performance, despite having such a crappy (non-existent) script.  The only reason I'd probably ever watch this movie again is to watch him.   

I was also disappointed in Johnny Lee Miller, who portrayed the villain in this movie.  He's such a phenomenal actor, but I felt like he didn't even try to do a good job with this part.  He was over-the-top in some scenes, while practically monotone in others.  He could've at least put in a little effort, even if he did know that the movie was going to stink.  C+

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