Thursday, July 1, 2010

Challenge 3 Results

Challenge 3-- Thirty Books in 30 Days-- was not a success.  At all.  Instead of reading thirty books, I read three and started a fourth.  But that was about it.  The main reason for this flop-- catching up on all the TV shows and movies I missed during the Unplugged challenge.  I really should have combined those two challenges, since I had all that free and uninterrupted time.  Next time, I will do better.

The most interesting thing I learned during this challenge was just how easy it is to get sucked right back in by TV and Netflix.  As soon as I could start watching TV and listening to music again, that's all I wanted to do.  So the challenge wasn't a completely waste, because it taught me something about myself.  What I also find interesting is that now that the pressure of the challenge is over, I really want to read.  So weird.

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